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My Story (Maria)

  1. Above: Like Mother Like Daughter

  2. Right: Pat and Maria on her wedding day July 10, 2010 (before hCG).  The day was perfect and almost everything I dreamed of.  My only regret was not finding Official hCG before my wedding. 


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Pat’s Story

our downfall

  1. Dove Chocolate

  2. Toward the end (last 2 weeks) we began having 1 Dove Promise a day to satisfy our craving.  We savored it.  It didn’t effect our weight loss.

I just finished my first round of Official hCG drops and lost 20 pounds in 45 days!  Even in my maintenance phase, I've continued to lose!

I'm 32 years old, and for as long as I can remember, I've struggled to maintain my weight.  I can clearly remember fighting the 5 pound difference between 113 and 118 when I was 14 years old.  Ha! If only that were my struggle now...but it is.  Instead of that difference, the numbers on the scale moved up a bit over the years, and the divide increased from 5 pounds to 15 pounds.  (Funny how I look back at those pictures and think, "How could I ever think I was fat then?")

My previous efforts to lose weight were futile.  It didn't matter how much I exercised and counted calories, I never seemed to conquer my battle. In my college years I packed on weight, then slimmed down a bit living on my own (mostly due to inferior cooking skills).  I stayed active enough to keep my new slimmer figure for nearly a year.  Then once again, the pounds and inches slinked back. 

That's when I tried my first diet: A 6 week make-over of some type.  It was a flop.  I didn't make the time to prep the strictly portioned food and exercise for 1 1/2 hours a day while attending to my career and living life.  I gave up after 2 short weeks.  A year later I tried that same diet again (now knowing what kind of preparation was needed) with a bit more success.  After 6 grueling weeks of adherence to strict diets and regimented workout routines, I lost 10 pounds and one dress size!  

Fast forward one year later: I gained those 10 pounds back plus 5 more. 

Time for something new.  My mother suggested Curves to me. Not having much time (or finances for a gym membership) I read their book and theory of weight loss.  Thus began low carb dieting.  Following their food suggestions and time tables while increasing my own activity levels, I lost 20 pounds in 6 months.  And it stayed off for a long time.  One year later: I had only gained 5 pounds back. Three years later: another 5 pounds.

Then I got engaged.  Even though I gained some weight back, I had no worries--I knew how to loose weight now.  I began my low carb diet, lost 5 pounds and then plateaued.  Nothing I did seemed to help or hinder.  I still watched my diet and  booted up my exercised and toned a little more, but I didn't loose much more before the wedding.  Then after the wedding, I relaxed and gained some back. By the new year, I had gained a pesky 15 pounds more.  I was heavier than ever!

My clothes didn't fit, I felt awful about myself, my attempts to lose weight by cutting carbs failed, and my eating was out of control...all while my husband managed to lose 20 pounds on my low carb diet! GRRR!!! Something had to be done right away!

I discovered a few friends were doing this hCG diet (one through injections and two others with the drops).  I did a bit of research on risks and side effects before deciding to jump in.  After confirming it was safe enough to try, I wanted to  get started right away. I went to the closest health food store and bought their "45 day supply"--a 2 oz bottle for $110.  Results were immediate!  I lost 4 pounds the first week (and averaged about 3 pounds a week in the ones that followed).  But that "45 day supply" only lasted me 21 days.  Another friend introduced me to Official hCG, a 4 oz bottle for a fraction of the price.  Using the Official hCG formula, my average weekly weight loss increased to 4 pounds a week.  I was also pleasantly surprised that it was tasteless--no alcohol, no burning. Plus I felt more in control of my appetite too.

Since I began I my hCG journey I've lost a total of 24 pounds (20 in phase 2 and 4 more in phase 3). My other friends have also maintained.  (I'll see if I can convince a few of them to post on here too. ;-) I'm going to take the required 6 weeks off before doing it again.  I probably could have  done it all the first time, but I did cut a few corners.  Like chocolate.  If I felt I needed chocolate, I had one Dove Promise and savored it. 

In just 45 days, I went from weighing 165 pounds to 145! Now in my maintenance phase, I'm down to 141! My goal is to stay between 141-143 for the next 6 weeks before starting round 2 to reach my ideal goal of 135.

I know my weaknesses.  I know who I am.  And now I know that hCG works for me!



I stopped my second round of drops on August 10.  After 3 weeks on the  drops, I reached my goal weight of 135 and am finally in a size 6! 

My 8s are roomy, and I can even wear some fours.  In my maintenance, my weight is staying pretty steady in the mid 130s (up a little this week due to my cycle but I know it’s temporary).  It’s a relief to finally be

happy with my weight!

November 2011--still in the mid 130s.  Wavering between size 6 and 4 (junior’s 5) and am for the first time since I can remember wearing smalls!  I began working regular moderate exercise into my now healthier eating choices.  I feel and look better than ever!


April 2011

I am 56 years old (the mother of the beautiful woman who testified above ;-) and I have struggled with an extra 20 plus pounds for nearly 40 years. I can’t even begin to count how many diet programs, exercise programs and guaranteed “magic pills” I tried. Most of them never even began to work; if they did work, within no time, the weight that I lost was right back ….plus some extra.

Now, I wasn’t obese, but those extra 20 pounds were still it was a constant battle.  I would work out a lot, walking, pool aerobics, weighted hula hoop, hundreds of scrunches, free weights, all kinds of exercise….kiddingly, I would tell people “there’s a skinny chick, inside of me, trying to come out!” But no matter what I did, success was always very short lived.

Back in 1992, I went to Weight Watchers. It took several months, but I finally got down to 140 pounds and began working for them, In 1993 we moved to Florida and Weight Watchers went down the tubes as the pounds began to pack on again.

Recently a friend of mine did the hCG diet program and had great results, Sooo…. in March 2011, I decided to give it a try.

WOW!  I was amazed—the weight just started coming off! My clothes started getting looser, and some were even too big.

On the hCG diet, I ate all the veggies I wanted. At first I ate all the fruit I wanted, but realized, for me personally, I needed to limit my fruits to 2-3 a day and just used lemons, grapefruit, and apples. Some people can have more than that, but that was what worked for me. If I ate more fruit or bananas my loss was real slow.

I love veggies and found many creative ways to make them. I even ate plain popcorn like once a week. I ate lots of baby carrots.

Today, I went for a walk and did a little jogging, and it was so much easier. I could really tell the difference without those extra 20 pounds.

Now it is time to tone, I found that if I exercised rigorously while using Official hCG, I would not lose. So I just did scrunches and a few weights.

This has been an exciting journey! Now over 20 pounds lighter and over 4 1/2 inches off my waist, I feel great!!!  I don’t totally understand how this hCG works, but I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of it before. I am thrilled that I finally did discover it. My daughter and I were both so excited about this adventure—weight loss, new recipes, new ideas—that we have to share it with everyone. It is just too good of a discovery to keep a secret.

Soo… if you have 10 pounds or more than a hundred, this can work for you. It works for both men and women (actually the men lose even faster since they usually have more muscle to start with; fair or not that seems to be the way it is). So come on... give it a try. I think you will be at least pleasantly pleased and possibly amazed.

I am just beginning the maintenance phase; I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.


May 2011

I have been off hCG for over 5 weeks now and am in phase III maintenance. To date, I weigh 137 pounds. I lost 4 more pounds--woohoo!--making my total weight lose 26 pounds. Now that makes me happy!

The black pants I wore in my after picture are actually loose on me! THIS IS AMAZING!!!

I eat several times a day, small amounts. When I get hungry, I am ferociously  hungry.

I truly believe the hCG has reset my metabolism. I feel wonderful! Now I’m working out and toning up.

January 2012

It has been almost 9 months since I finished my 1st round of hCG. I am amazed and thrilled to say I have stayed within 3 pounds of my 137 lbs. To me, that is like a miracle. With all the other diets I did (including Weight Watchers) I would lose, but the weight would sneak up on me. Within weeks or months, it would all be back plus some extra. It was sooo discouraging, and I felt defeated.  

I did try hCG a couple more times but after a week lost nothing.  This showed me that 137 lbs to 140 lbs is to perfect weight for me.

I’ve had to alter my clothes to fit and do some serious shopping :).  Sometimes my mind tries to play tricks on me, making me think/feel like I gained my weight back, but my new smaller clothes (sizes range from 5-8) all fit great. Words cannot express my feelings of not being overweight.

 HCG has truly reset my metabolism.

When I am hungry, I eat usually several times a day--not huge meals, light ones. And I do a lot of healthy snacking. Going through the Thanksgiving and Christmas season was interesting; I really enjoyed not depriving myself. Truth be known, I over indulged several times, but then I would do days that I would eat mostly fruit and veggies, pretty much like a maintenance day diet. Throughout the holidays, I did not gain.

A word of caution: I have seen some people lose with hCG but not do the 3 week maintenance phase, and they gained most of their weight back. The maintenance phase is really the most important part of the program. If done correctly, this is where your metabolism is reset, and you can have great success!     Knowing I don’t have to fear being overweight is exciting, incredible, and awesome!

November 6, 2011


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